Exterior House Painting: Tips for Choosing the Right Color

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Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to enhance its curb appeal. But since you don’t paint your house more than every few years, you’re probably feeling a little bit of pressure when it comes to choosing the right paint color. Here are our top tips for selecting a good paint color for your upcoming exterior house painting project:

Exterior House Painting: Tips for Choosing the Right Color

Consider the style of your individual home as well as the general style of your neighborhood. You want to pick a color for exterior house painting that will complement your home’s style and won’t stick out too much compared with the other houses on your street.

Take a drive around your neighborhood and watch for color combinations on other houses that you like. Snap a few pictures and then refer to them when you’re picking out paint colors for your house.

Just like any other trend, what’s trendy in paint colors right now won’t last. Although it may be tempting to pick a super trendy paint color, stick with a classic color scheme that won’t go out of style in a few years.

Your home probably already has a few color cues you can rely on when picking out your paint colors. For example, if your home has brick or stone on its foundation, draw on these colors when you’re selecting paint for your exterior house painting project.

Even if you love the look of the paint in the can, make sure you test it out. Paint can look completely different when it’s up on a wall, so don’t skip over the sample process.